First thing I want to say is that to whomever Shiva is going to be adopted to; to note that her micrcochip is NOT quite between her shoulder blades yet closer to mid-way down her back. I have put it in her file at KAH and have noted it in my records too. I took Shiva to work with me last night for her HWT and she was a great patient! She weighed 40.6 KGs(89.32 pounds) and boy! HAS she muscled out since she has been here. She also has this most wonderful shiny black hair coming in with the homecooking, yogurt and raw eggs plus shells that she is getting. The one thing that is going to delay her going up for adoption is her ‘car’ manners! LOL We are going to have to work on that. She is great in the country yet once we get to the city and poor Porridge’s ears and MINE! and goodness help us if she passed on any of this to Porridge BUT she likes to ‘bark’ and wag her tail as if to say ‘HEY! LOOK GWEN! A CAR’ ‘OH WOW! GWEN’ ANOTHER CAR’ ‘OMG! YET ANOTHER CAR GWEN’ ‘NO WAIT! LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE! WHAT ARE THEY DOING?’ ‘ I WANNA JOIN THEM’ “WHAT IS THAT GWEN?’ “WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT ODD THING(meaning a bicycle) THAT IS BEING SAT ON AND OH KEWL! IT MOVES’ 😛 I could go on and on about all the things that she would perk up at and stand up and sometimes squish parts of poor Porridge sitting beside her(Mr. Calm)as she found new things to bark and excite over and ‘alert’ me too. I think I almost went deaf. She was so quiet when I picked her up from her previous owner(very understandable), rode great in the car and this was her first trip outside of the home in a car since she arrived. I think we are going to be going to my work a LOT over the next while! HOLY! 🙄 She was a bit skittish at the hospital, yet allowed pets and was curious BUT man! Does she love all other dogs! LOL She was very fascinated by the small Chi pup that one of the staff at KAH has and even sat as if ‘hey, is that a treat????’ She was great, once shown that it was not a treat and in fact, the Chi had a few words to say to her! LOL So, I am going to hold off on Shiva The Diva’s adoption for another few weeks for we have some ‘public’ and ‘social’ manners 101 to work on with riding in the car! Her leash manners still are not the best and we continue to forge on those and she has also become a wee bit selective when it comes to ‘sitting’ on command. Sean just adores this girl and if we were ever looking for a new ‘leader’ female in our house; she would be ‘it’ with continued right direction molding and guiding. She is playful, a flirt and she sure has Sean wrapped up in her paw! 😛 I have found her very refreshing and delightful to watch as she is like one of those flower Danes we have had in the past; with petals unfolding into the warmth of the sun/love of those around her. We have noticed that when we take out the mop to wash muddy paw prints of the floor that she just cringes and will rush to her crate to lie down. We have been very careful with working with her on that….I leave the mop/bucket out and move it from place to place and she is fine walking by it yet if you take the mop out and begin to carry it by her; she is quite nervous. I have not tried brooms as of yet BUT she is great with the vacuum and paper towel rolls. Her fav spot of late to lie is right near my computer chair and I have to admit; she has a piece of my heart now too…JUST do not tell her that! 😉 She truly is going to make someone an awesome family member! She is so neat and fun and full of personality and it is like watching a toddler explore their world in wonder as they grow up. That part of her reminds me of WinterGirl(Frost ‘T”s sister) who taught me that I really need to stop and smell those roses/flowers more than I do. Shiva is teaching me all about the same life lesson that WinterGirl did up to her death in 2004. Some things are meant to be as they say and Shiva crossing my path is something special indeed.
UPDATE: I received a call this AM from the hospital that Shiva’s HWT is negative!