UPDATE from BHRR's Shiva's temp foster home:

"She is adapting very well and everyday I see a positive difference in her.  She sticks to me like velcro, lol, but yet again everyday she is less and less dependant of me.  She is slowly but surely getting comfortable with her surroundings.  She is beginning to explore our home and feels comfortable enough to wander around by herself.  She seems to have less and less of a need to have me within her sights at all times. 
We've been going on daily walks and these are quite comical.  She walks excellently on leash.  She was quite taken aback by the inflatable Xmas decorations on the frontyards of some homes.  I had quite the chuckle at this, because when she saw the blow up Santa, penguin and snowman, her ears went up and back and she started to walk into to me (opposite direction of the decorations) as if "What the ???".  I reassured her (while laughing inside) and we continued on our adventure.  She kept looking back and to ensure these strange looking creatures weren't following us, lol.
She is eating and sleeping very well.  Her appetite was not disrupted at all.
She has bonded with her very own Costco bed.  She loves it!
We've had a few people drop in throughout the week.  A girlfriend of mine came with her two young girls and she was absolutely excellent with them.  We stop and meet people and dogs on the street.  I've been using the greet with a treat trick you mentioned. She's doing great. It's been a big week for her and in my opinion, she's doing great.

We don't call her Shiva the Diva for nothing. 
In a nutshell, we are having a wonderful time with Shiva.  She sure has brought a bit of life to our home since the passing of X. It wonderful!"