One of the items up for grabs in our 4th annual 'JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' Online Auction was a:

1-on-1 Special Date with a BHRR Animal of Choice

The winner of this item has chosen BHRR's Riley to have a very special date with and the monies raised for this winning item $50 will go towards his own rehab bills.

He is looking better and better all the time and we have officially hit 'goob' hood and so we are keeping up with the Gwennie's Doggie Boot Camp and NILIF.

Inside the house, he is WAY too much for BHRR's Atlas yet outside, BHRR's Atlas takes him all in stride. AND for those that have been following BHR's Atlas's blog; you will note JUST what progress this has been for both of these dogs!

He likes to 'push' buttons the monkey man(he received a SS 'Monkey' Collar and it could not be more appropriate!) and even my sweet mild mannered Bleach who is ready to rumble at the drop of a pin; finds him at times 'over the top.' He is just craming life into everything he does and like all those other 'survivor's of such terrible things; he has character, personality and backbone. This boy also just OOOOOOOZES charm! I call him a 'flirt'.

I received a call a few weeks back from the person that had contacted us about him and all the coincidences that surrounded his rescue just as it did with BHRR's Parker Paws just makes one tingle. He had the same name as the daughter of who rescued him, he is from the same area that BHRR's Parker is from, he is SOOOOOOOOOO much like BHRR's Parker Paws it is most likely that they are related in some manner. Just how all the stars seemed to align that he ended up at the same place that BHRR's Mr. Parker Paws did, into the same hands that helped BHRR's Parker Paws, the name thing with them both and how much meaning they have to the Chelsea and the list goes on and on.

We are not sure if he shall be officially placed up for adoption by the time we hit our annual XMAS shutdown period. He has a lot more weight to come and we are now working even more on that obedience and 'head in the clouds' syndrome that he has developed! cheeky THIS is a lot of puppy and not a 'faint of heart' kinda dog for sure….at least not right now…. 😉

AND wow! As his coat comes back in with proper nutrition, shelter and exercise plus a healthy dose of love; it is so glossy, soft and shiny. Sean keeps saying just how super soft he is and I think that BHRR's Riley is at the point that he might want to roll his eyes for I think it actually might embarrass him(if I were to humanize him that is! ). 😀