What an exciting update to be making on BHRR’s Shiva! I think me leaving for a few days was the BEST that could happen to her in getting over most of her skittishness with men. She had to ‘depend’ on Sean for food, cuddles, water etc. and in arriving home yesterday from Ohio, I could tell that she has become a ‘Sean’s Baby’! She will sit right back on her haunches and place both of her feet very gently on Sean’s lap and nudge him for loving. I think I am jealous! LOL She was a bit soft ‘woofy’ with me when I arrived home yet as my smells are all over the house; she settled down when asked. She has not had one accident in the house since last Wednesday and she will now run to her crate for that special treat and is great at night. She does do some low soft cries of ‘I wanna be out there with you guys’ yet calms down quickly in her crate and sleeps well. Her crate is in the main floor of our home and one busy traffic zone. She only makes these small soft few cries at bedtime. She is up like the sun around 5:00 – 5:30 AM each day and her day begins! She is now fully integrated with all and has been wonderful! At this time, we need to microchip her, do a HWT and give her much needed pedicure/manicure; possibly even tonight. From there, in another week or so; she will be put up for adoption for she is doing AWESOME! She needs much in regards to leash manners plus more public socialization and we will work on that but these are also things that her new forever loving home can work on too. We will give her those strong foundations and her new home will be required to carry through in continuing to build on those foundations. She cannot go to an inexperienced home for she is a very strong willed and minded gal and I admire her deeply for that. She is brilliant and is going to excel in things like obedience or therapy work. She really is beautiful and hopefully, I shall get some pictures posted up of her soon. I have had 702 emails to address since I got home yesterday and it has been busy! If I were to post a complaint on Shiva it is her constant desire for zooming in the house and getting the other dogs to do the same!!! 😛 Sean just loves this girl and I know that she is sure to steal someone’s heart out there! At this time, I also would like to see her in a home whereby someone is home all the time or a part-time work home. I do not feel at least at this moment in time, that it is in her best interest to go to a home whereby someone is working full-time. She needs stimulation and a ‘job’ to have in order to keep her on the ‘right’ path. She has done very little barking and absolutely no chewing at our home. She will also need a home with a very very very tall fence for she cleared ours the first day she was here. She is also a ‘rough houser’ Dane pup and ‘gentle’ is becoming a constant word in her training program! 😆