Just one more update before I get on the road to Ohio. Shiva had a good night. She did really well in her crate. I often find that the second and third night of a new animal in our home is the most ‘upsetting’ to all, so we will see what the next few nights brings for everyone. She seems to be having a problem understanding that she can drink water inside as she will drink outside from one of the bowls yet not inside. She also peed and pooped in the house, despite an open door. She has now been integrated with all but two of the dogs(Mazda who is one of KB/JB’s closest buds and keeps him ‘calm’ & KB/JB as we continue to keep KB/JB’s excitement and stress down to avoid a possible bloat situation). We will wait a few more days before that meeting so that KB/JB is used to the sight and smell of her before a physical introduction. I know that Mazda and he are also going to love Shiva just as all the other dogs do. She is a very playful sort and you can see that she definitely is enjoying being the ‘centre’ of attention plus has a strong ‘leader’ personality. We need to ensure that it is shaped in the proper direction for already she wants to try and ‘boss’ some of the other dogs around to get their toys etc. She is very gentle about taking treats and has already managed to figure out how to get out of the fenced in yard. She is a jumper too. Busy, busy, busy girl this one. It is interesting to watch how even our Cherokee ‘submits’ to Shiva. Yesterday, Shiva could not get enough of outside. Today, she is very reluctant to even put a toe outside. She wants to play and zoom inside and though she will stand just in the open door and watch the outside, she is not keen on taking one step out there. She is a really nice girl and full of life!