We have received an application for Mazda that we are willing to consider to see if this could be the best matched home for her. We have been having some trouble completing references in order to make the most informed decision to move to a home visit and hopefully; we can made some contact soon. Mazda is doing well. The sun has really sunbleached her to a very light/blonde brindle colour on a lot of her gorgeous coat and she is still that ‘ham’ of a gal! She loves her runs and will just zoom and zip back and forth! Her recall is almost to perfection now in distraction situations yet every once in awhile she can still be that growing Dane and the brain just ‘goes out to lunch’ LOL She is still as food/treat motivated as ever and man, she just becomes more and more muscled! She is a powerhouse of a Dane and we continue to work on her ‘sharing’ for she first just wants to grab all the toys and put them into a pile and decide which one she wants THEN leave the rest others to play with….HOG! She is just as brilliant as ever this one!