Despite our last update; we are still being bombarded with questionable inquires about Mazda. Things like ‘so how long is her crop and is it in proportion to her face and body as we do not want a weird looking Dane’ or another inquiry was ‘do the tips of her ears tip in or tilt as we do not want imperfection in one of our animals’ or ‘will her stripes get darker or will they fade as we are not looking for a brown dog’. What people need to understand it is not just about them wanting to adopt a Dane from us; they have to be approved and that means completing the BHRR application process successfully. One person stated ‘well, if she is such a hassle; let me just take her off your hands.’ Mazda is and never has been a hassle and with my write-ups; I am demonstrating due diligence that we must tighten down the hatches even further in keeping her wellbeing first and foremost. I am also making it that much more clear to those that believe they are interested in her that we don’t adopt to the homes that are looking for such things as listed in my updates above. WHAT about her personality? That should mean something to someone and it will to the right home. Only fully completed applications with the non-fundable fee will be replied too moving forward, no further inquiries shall be addressed. I honestly have never seen anything like this in almost 11 years of operating BHHR. Mazda deserves so much more and she, just like every other animal that crosses our door; will not be going to ‘just anybody’. We are very patient and not in any rush whatsoever to just put her into any home.