BHRRs Benjamin went on a roadtrip today with two of BHRR's approved Volunteers to assist in a homevisit for a possible future adoption of one of the GD's in our program.

From what has come my way; he once again BEYOND proved that he has manners and that he could be trained and he has now been dubbed 'Prince Benjamin' by one of the Volunteers. This boy makes my heart throb… he is so very dear to me.

AND per our obedience clase, any new adoptive home shall be required to bring him to a full round of obedience classes; regardless of how much training I have given him during his time at BHRR.

More than one person has pointed out since his arrival to BHRR how much he watches and keeps an eye on myself to know where I am at all times. He is happy to romp and play and yet 'checks in' often with myself. He is one that if I felt he needed me, we would have dearly loved to call one of our own. Yet, he does not need me any longer…he just thinks he does AND perhaps I think I do need him a bit still too! 😉 Perfectly normal…. 🙂

I remain patient that his right matched forever loving home shall come along and like all of our dogs, he shall only go to the one meant for him.

The boy was great with the humans, the two cats there and the 80 year old parrot during this hv. He allowed the parrot to peck at his muzzle without any concern or issue.

THANK you again to the two Volunteers who did this hv on my behalf as I still am unable to drive or be driven for yet another week.