Mazda was spayed today and everything went really well. Her uterus was very small despite having had a heat and also being a Giant Breed. Mazda’s weight was very hard to obtain as she was being very difficult about getting on to the scale. We know that she easily surpasses 100+ pounds(we got that much) and when I pick her up from the vet’s tomorrow(I left her there as her surgery was not over until close to 5 PM today and she was very groggy and found it hard to stand when I was there). The vets also looked at a small lump that was under her tail and it turned out to only be a haematoma. We did a fine needle aspirate to be sure. Mazda plays quite rough with Fancy and she could have easily gotten this bruise from playing with her. We also did another thorough Cardiac exam on Mazda and her heart is awesome! Mazda also had a manicure plus pedicure today at the Vet’s. Mazda is now available for adoption for with how long the adoption process takes and with how long it might be to have that right matched home apply for her; she will have recovered completely from her spay by then.