Since I had Lil Linus in, I have only had to drain about 8 cc’s out of his seroma and now a clot has formed and the swelling has greatly decreased. We will re-assess when he is neutered. I have to get a new weight on this boy! HOLY! He is growing everytime he sleeps! LOL He has a new best friend here; one of the new GD rescue pups(all have approved adoptive homes from our waiting list to go to in a few months when they are fully vetted, altered plus microchipped) we brought in from a recent seizure and he has been just incredible with him!!!! Very patient, gentle and has not shown one bit of resourcing over a toy or food with the little goob. I am very proud of Linus and his progress! I have new pictures to also add of Lil Linus and hopefully shall get those posted within the next week. Adding pictures on this new site is much harder than my old one and it is a very time consuming process. I know that many enjoy all the pictures as part of our BHRR flavour and I promise to get them up ASAP. The only time Linus is in his crate is for night time sleeping and if we shall be away from home longer than a hour or so. When he wants to nap, he can often be found lying on one of the Kuranda beds or in his open crate yet like most of the dogs; loves Abbi’s crate the best(I still think it is because it is right by the computer). He still has this desire to dig and UGH! 😛 I am hoping to neuter Lil Linus within the next month and yes, I still call him Lil Linus! I knew from the night we picked him up that he would be a very large boy and I just love the name for him!!!! He shall soon be outgrowing this latest collar that he is wearing and I am eyeing up one of Amanda’s(The Panache Pooch) collars for him! The white one that says ‘SO TO SPEAK’. I JUST LOVE it! Have to save up those pennies first. 😀