Meet BHRR's Riley – about 18 months max., black with some white Great Dane, male and all goofy SWEETHEART!
In a shelter right now….
Below is what we have been told to date from the person – C. Gibson, animal control officer (same lovely person who asked us to assist BHRR's Mr. Parker Paws) AND apparently, they are similar in temperament SO that means BHRR's Riley is one AMAZING BOY in his own right! 😀

"He's great with other dogs on the leash, and through the kennel. He's just a big dorky puppy (with his testiculars) that wants to play!! He came in as an owner surrender. They bought him off Kijiji, and had him for a week before realizing they hadn't made the best choice in dog breeds. I guess they weren't ready for a big dane puppy. He's really sweet. Needs leash manners, obviously, but he is very workable. He loves Cuzs and Kongs and anything squeaky, and I can stick my whole hand in his mouth for the toy and he gives it up willingly. He reminds me so much of Parker…just a big dork that wants to love."

We have also been informed that he is at least 20+ pounds underweight. 🙁

I shall be making the drive to bring him to BHRR on October 29th.



BHRR's Riley – October 2011