The ‘bad’ luck continues for the BHRR animals here. When I got home from the shows yesterday, I had my usual ‘mob’ greeting from the animals WHICH I love and then I did my ‘once’ over on the dogs and I found a sizeable lump on the side of Lil Linus’s head near his left ear. It was not there on Thursday when I left and Sean says that he did not notice anything unusual either. I made an appointment for Lil Linus to go into the Vet today and I am a wee bit worried as the lump/swelling is larger than it was last night and I am not sure as to what it could be. If he was ‘stung’ by something; he is showing no other signs of a reaction and he does not have any cut or scrape to indicate any kind of injury or infection that way. We shall do some FNA’s etc. and while it is not comfortable for him to have me touch it; it does not pain him much. He is eating very well as usual, drinking, playing and has no fever or diarrhea either. I think Linus loved the kisses I gave him best! Lil Linus has also discovered the comfort of the king sized bed and does not hesitate to put up his front feet and then look at you over his shoulder to say ‘hey, a little help here lady!’ LOL I am just delighted with his comfort and self-esteem levels. He has had no major resourcing in the longest time and the consistency of being fed on time, getting enough food, positive NILIF training(doggie boot camp), made to feel secure and the building up of his trust with the proper communication and pace for him; has really helped Lil Linus. He is a barrel of fun this one. As Sean said last night; he is always happy and like Abbi; I swear he actually smiles at you! His leash manners are just awesome and he has picked up several more signs and he keeps me challenged in finding ways to keep his brain stimulated for he is BRILLIANT!!!! You can put a treat in three separate pillow cases and he not only knows which pillow case has the treat(you might be surprised by how many dogs just cannot smell the treat and know where it is AND even if you put the treat in the pillow case right in front of them!); he knows HOW to open the pillow case and get the treat(many dogs will just try to go ‘right to the source’ and tear the pillow case up). In a study that was done quite some time ago by some reasearchers; the poodle had been deemed the only breed that would actually utilize ‘thinking’ processes to open the pillow case to go inside for the treat. Myabe Lil Linus is actually a ‘poodle’ in disguise???? 😆