LT was 58.2 KGS(128.04 pounds)! UGH! UGH! Even though he is being cut back on food; he is getting PB with his pills AND it is showing. Time to tighten up the hatches even more with this man! The Vet was just as unimpressed as I was with his head. We were unable to do a culture as it had been very effectively drained the day before by us. Yet, it is looking nasty and the Vet agrees. The Vet looked up and Clavamox will cover all the ick’s except for maybe 2 and I have brought home a needle that if(more likely when with the way things have gone in the past)it swells up again; to take a sample. So, I have taken home 10 more days of Clavamox and I cannot even bear to look at the Vet Bill right now in respect to all of this. sigh………… I feel the worst for LT though. He has been an incredible trooper! The Vet ended up giving him a liver treat(despite his weight plumpness)  😛 for they also felt very sorry for all that he has gone through and what he was put through tonight with a re-exam etc. All that poking and prodding and he was awesome. Just very happy and affectionate and taking everything in his stride. When the rain stops, I shall wash him again as he is slightly ‘off-white’ from the muddy outside and he has stains on his head from the SC. POOR THING! The Vet did say that he could maybe be that ‘rare’ dog that will have to be on antibiotics for months and months and months and I am praying that this is not the case. POOR LT! 😥 LT loved the ride home and I bypassed the McDonald’s and Timmie’s as we need to work on that waistline and if he is going to be on antibiotics even longer than a month; we really have to find a better treat system. The Vet said that she was so surprised to see a plump dog from me as I am always really great about keeping my dogs where they belong. I just keep saying, LT more than deserved his few extra pounds BUT now, he is getting ‘up’ there with the PB with his meds and we need to find an alternative. I do not wish to take to putting the pills in his mouth AS he has come so far with trusting and approaching and while many dogs will take to pilling that way just fine; without emotional angst; LT is not one of those dogs. He could very easily become handshy should pilling him manually become the ‘norm’ and if he has to be on meds for X amount of time; I am going to have to be inventive. PUTTING it into his food is not effective as he will eat all but the pill. I had been putting them into small pieces of hotdogs, until he figured out how to get the hotdog and spit out the pill. SMART boy!