Quick Update! BHRR's Harley ate a small supper but has yet to drink anything. He has been fully integrated with all dogs other than 2 – Sir Maestro is still away and CH. Dyceman and BHRR's Shiva who went into the master bedroom to have a snooze! 🙂

He is doing really well, no issues and already is beginning to want to follow myself around.

BHRR's Goliath and Bleach are 'really' into his space as is BHRR's Lincoln at times in their curiousity and desire to make a 'new' friend and BHRR's Harley is tolerating everything so well. 🙂

He has taken himself out a few times and is now exploring the main area of the house very slowly.

I took his height and he is just over 36" at the whithers. Pretty close to 36.5".

I feel my heart already twanging with deep emotion of love for him! 🙂 DOES not take much and yes, he has those amazing eyes too! Just got to stop looking into these dogs incredible eyes! LOL

AND I got my very first hug and two kisses!!!! OH my….sigh….I am so touched. 🙂