I brought LT into work with me on Monday April 21st for a recheck on his head. I was unable to bring him on the Saturday as I had hoped due to everything that poor Bronson was going through. LT weighed a very plump 57.60 KGs(126.72 pounds) and apparently, all that PB with the cephalexin has been showing itself on his waist line! He is now cut back on the food(much to my ‘seabiscuit’s displeasure again! LOL). The Vet was very surprised to see that after being on the Cephalexin for 10 days that his SC was still quite full of infection. We have now switched him to Clavamox and will re-evaluate after 10 days time. This is the fourth Dane in the recent past that has not fared well on the Cephalexin(Novolexin) and not only is cost a factor yet the poor dogs having to go to yet another antibiotic and to be on a longer course of treatment cannot be thrilling for them….well, they do like the PB part of it all! The Vet feels that he should be on these antibiotics for at least a month before we consider removing the SC; otherwise it will be a sizeable portion of the top of his head that will need to be removed and that is not a consideration and one that the Vet also supports. I talked to his pending adoptive home and they are in support that he shall remain here until such time as he is done his course of antibiotics and if need be; surgery to remove the SC. The SC even after being healed might erupt again(via a play bump etc.) or he could develop another one; even if this one is removed and we shall take it one step at a time, save up those pennies JUST in case he requires the surgery. 😀 We all want what is best for LT and we will evaluate as needs be as to what is in his best interest when the time comes. Once again, he was a HUGE favourite at the hospital and is so quiet(except in play…HEE! He can sure makes some neat sounds!) and settles down beautifully in his pen at the hospital. I adore this boy more than words can ever express! I also wanted to share that today, when I was vacuming(yet again….LOL with the spring here, it is at least a 5 times a day job)LT stayed on the bed the whole time I did the Master bedroom! WOOHOO! ROCK ON! Major progress. He even let me give him some loving on his back and tush and stayed on the bed! This boy has a huge piece of me and like always; if this wonderful home had not come along; he would have been one of those that would have tempted my soul to keep here. YET, I have always known that our paths; while we shall always be closely connected; he is meant to be in another home spoiled and sharing his very special gifts with them! THANK you LT for all that you have done for our home and for me!!!!