BHRR's Shiva was a special request to attend our recent GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike last Sunday. 🙂 She was so thrilled to hook up with BHRR's Hailey who is now in a temp foster home as of last Friday. Though, it had been less than 48 hours since they last saw each other and she was over the moon to see her BHRR black beaut sister! 🙂

She has such a great time and from the posts that I have seen of late on our new BHRR FB FAN PAGE; she is a very popular fan fav! She was so awesome with her obedience, being sure to come back to 'check in' with me on a regular basis and she makes me so burst with feelings of joy! Sean & I remain hopeful just as we did with BHRR's Mazda that her own right matched forever loving home shall come along and if that never does happen, she lives a great quality filled life at BHRR. We will not rush our adoptions and our adoption success rates speak for themselves and that right matched forever home comes along and 'finds' her, that is awesome yet we are not sad or upset if not. We committed to her welbeing when we were asked to take her in and we remain dedicated to all that is in her best interest.

We had one person email us to suggest that as it was 'clear' that no one wanted her or BHRR's Dana; that we should have them put to sleep and focus on rescuing and rehabbing more adoptable dogs. Well, my response is that this is NOT going to happen. To all that have met her, yes, she is a small and BLACK Great Dane and yes, she has been at BHRR a long time and yes, as long as she is here, we can only take in so many other Great Danes to assist BUT she is who was 'next' in need and that is what BHRR is about. AND we are not going to turn out backs on her or the amazing BHRR's Dana just because they have been in our adoption program for as long as they have.

I challenge all to look at the recent photos added to her slideshow AND look at the one below; AND; you tell me if she should be put to sleep! YOU tell me that she is not living a fantastic life. YOU look into her eyes and TELL her that she is not worthy of being alive and happy and healthy and deserving of all that life can offer.

AND let me tell you, that she is NEVER going to be pushed aside for others…….she is as much as a priority to me and my heart as she was when she first arrived at BHRR. She has no need of BHRR any longer and we hope that there is a home out there that she can be her own queen off YET until that day comes along, she is going to be a princess at BHRR.

She got along with all dogs and people as per her usual LOVING self at the walk/hike and most enjoyed teasing BHRR's Hailey when we kept BHRR's Hailey on a leash a bit longer than her before she, too could run and have zoomies! She is a wee monkey this one at times and I LOVE that about her. Sometimes, you just have to watch those silent ones! LOL YET there is nothing silent about her when she plays, vocal goob she can be! From dignified to playful, what a charming young Dane she is. 🙂

BHRR's Shiva – July 31st, 2011 – GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike
*Photos courtesy of C. Desjardins