I have left a message with the Lt of the Police Department. I have also been in touch with Legal in moving forward. Lt. Davis did get back to me later today and I now have the Police Report #60-05528 filed in Richfield, OH (Summit County) and he will be sending me a copy of the report and I will post. He has offered up whatever services they can provide to assist us, even with it being a Civil and not a Criminal matter. He has also given me contact information for the local Civil Prosecutor. Legal will be sending out a Letter of Demand to Comply to this person, tomorrow as she declined to comply when the Police met with her and we have looked into filing suit in both ON and OH as it is unknown as to which court will best be determined to handle the case. We have also been in discussion with Legal as to the damages caused and what else we should be suing for settlement such as our legal costs and other associated fees with this case.