I have new pictures that I have to upload for Lil Linus and shall do ASAP. It has been a very busy time here. We were part of a 3 Rescue Group Rescue effort to save 28 Newf Pups and all have now been full vetted and are happily settling into their foster homes. In addition to this; we have had to bring our almost 7.5 year old GD Maggi into the Vet’s for what has turned out to be a sebaceous cyst between her toes, Dyce had a post-treatment visit and his elbow and leg(left one again) is all swollen for a third time 😕  and also our Bronson had to go in for an allergic reaction. We now have Kona headed in for her annual on Friday and Lil Linus is coming with me with LT to work on Saturday for his final vaccines. LT will be in for a recheck on the ruptured SC on his own head. BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Lil Linus is doing well. Very little resourcing now yet when it does happen, it is less forceful than it was. PROGRESS! He has completely slid backwards in his housebreaking this past weekend while I was away. From some reason, only he really knows; he has decided that he should be playing outside for hours and hours and due to the nice weather; we will leave the front door open so the dogs can go in for water, to rest etc. while we work on yard tidying etc. as the snow melts; but when he needs to go to the bathroom; he will come inside; pee or poop and then run back outside to play!!!! LOL He is a riot to watch doing this. It is like he calls a ‘timeout’ to the play and runs inside; pees and/or poops just inside the door and runs back outside; calls a ‘timein’ and resumes play! OMG! TOO funny! It will click….time and patience. One of his best friends and who he has become quite unseparable from is Hamilton The Newf! Lil Linus was very lost when Bronson was in SYR and Hamilton The Newf was being neutered for PPSS slept a lot(recuperating from all their constant play! LOL). I also wish to state for those that do not understand our polices, mandates etc. that Lil Linus is NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! HE still needs to be altered and even after that; he will not be available until he is ready. He has come far since his arrival yet he has much more progress to be made with his self-esteem, confidence, appropriate communication, socialisation etc. He will let us know when it is time.