BHRR's 'Rain' & 'Beau' shall be arriving to BHRR on Sunday. I will go to pick them up after an event ends that has been planned at my house. They are 2 x 8 month old Saint Bernard puppies – littermates – female and male – and are being surrendered due to a dissolve in a marriage plus the home has 4 children. They are crated at night in the house and spend their days outside.

In talking to the one O.(lovely woman!) she mentioned that at the time we were conversing, they were tied up to a bumper of a truck.

The will be altered and apparently require one booster still at this time.

Their names have been changed and what we know about them are:

1) Rain – more dominant, more outgoing

2) Beau – more shy, takes time to warm up to people yet is an affectionate boy once he does

They both require obedience training.

Will update as I learn more.