As per my my last write-up; I took LT into the Vet with me last night. When we did some deeper investigation into the area; it appears that the sebaceous cyst ruptured on the inside, causing it to become larger and eventually rupturing in a couple of spots and beginning to drain the building up infection inside. Caught if fast, thank goodness and as per my last post; he is now on the cephalexin(1,000 mgs every 12 hours) for three weeks. We will keep him on the antibiotics(the cephalexin is always the first line of defense that we use in these type of skin situations) for 2 weeks and then I have to get the cyst removed. Then he shall be on the antibiotics one more week for post-op care. As to what caused it to rupture; the latest FNA’s at his annual; could have irritated it some and then by bumping his head in play with another dog or on the side of something(bed, couch etc.); caused it to rupture. It is not really known. Being a responsible rescuer; I believe in full disclosure and also like to adopt out our dogs at the healthiest that we can, and I would like to do his surgery at my hospital; one of our Vets there is excellent in tissue work before I move forward on any potential adoption. As this happened while under my authority; and now requires a more immediate dealing of the situation; it is not something that I feel comfortable(based upon my own high level of standards)passing this along to his eventual adoptive home. The cost to me, would also be considerably less due to it being at my Vet Hospital and with me being involved. We are looking at about $1,500+ at this time for the surgery including bw and not including the pathology that I want to have done on it. So, all this to say; that I would dearly love to see him adopted April 20th AND his home has been notified that they are more than welcome to come and visit etc. yet he will not be going into surgery until later that week(around the 24th) etc. I will be doing presurgery bw again(his last bw was done when I did his neuter last fall) and promised to keep them completely informed plus a copy of all his vet records will be given to them at the time of adoption. He would not be available for final adoption until after the surgery. As a reputable rescue; I just cannot in good conscience just ‘pass’ along this to his new home. I know that many Rescues are like that and also that many homes are completely happy with this arrangement yet I have never felt right in what could appear to look like us ‘passing the problem’ on to his adoptive home. I believe in standing by my animals and do my absolute best and right by them that I can. I would like to see him recover in an environment he knows in a minimal stress situation(and while there is no real proof on what actually causes bloat/tort; stress has always been a key factor) etc. I really desire to work with his new home to make all this the best that it can be and shall absolutely take into very deep consideration their thoughts, views and feelings. This cyst is no longer something that can wait to be removed at a time when he might have undergone teeth cleaning etc. (which we might do at the same time as they will need to be done at some point within the next couple of years; yet we need to look at costs there as well for it is more of an elective type of thing at this time and with having just vetted 28 Newf pups; we wish to focus our financial efforts on this cyst removal and the ensuing pathology on it for I also wish to do a histio on it to get a pathology report by sending it off to Guelph. Just for peace of mind. We will take a look at it ourselves to get a prelim view as well. I just wanted to also add that MAN! I am just so proud of this boy and how far he has come with his loving and confidence! He is a HUGE hit at the hospital. His leash manners are perfection now, he settles in great at the hospital and LOVES to lean on people for loving. HE has come SOOOOOOOOOOO far since he arrived at our program and I cannot tell you how much this boy means to me.