I have new pictures of Liquorice to post! I just need to download them. 🙂 They are from May of 2007. When my friend Mary was up from TO a week ago; she said that she could not believe how well Liquorice looked and was moving. That was one of the best things I have ever heard! Now, unfortunately; Liquorice has gone off her food and tonight was the first time in three meals; that she even considered eating a bit. She is drinking and eating treats and I will monitor. Her breathing is sounding a bit ‘wet’ again and so she has all of us a bit concerned. I am also not happy about how much weight she has dropped so fast. If she does not ‘pick’ up within the next 24 hours; I will bring her in for I just am not comfortable leaving things for too long. Today marks her 7th month survival miracle mark and the Vets are truly amazed just like Frost ‘T’ that she is having such quality of life still.