I have made the not so very difficult decision to claim Liquorice as one of my own. As much as she needs me; in my heart; I believe I also truly need her. So, I will be moving Liquorice off this part of our website and will create her own journal page so that people who are interested about her wellbeing can follow her progress. 🙂 Liquorice has really been there for me after the loss of my precious Frost ‘T. She, Dyce plus Soul have really been huge caregivers in helping my raw heart to begin to heal. She is just a magnificent girl and just continues to blossom and become more comfortable. She has NO qualms about getting on the bed now and has shown some spunk towards some of the other dogs who think they can ‘oust’ her from what I call the ‘prime real estate’ spots on the bed! 🙂 I really hope I am blessed to have her with me for a long time to come and as we are still in the process of determining if we will go back to Port Hope in June for another Expo; if we do; I would dearly love to bring her along for people to meet a real ‘survivor’ and just a darling of a dog.