UPDATE on BHRR's Holden just sent:

"Fostermom took Holden to the spa last night to get him all cleaned up and smelling better.  He was a little skunky.  Cindy called last night to say that he is settling in nicely and has actually started to wag his tail.  He pays no mind to the cats and just wants to be petted and hugged.  She says he's exceptionally sweet.

I heard his story when I spoke with the Owensboro shelter yesterday.  He had been living on an abandoned property for about 2 years.  The neighbors all fed him and looked out for him, but he was pretty much on his own.  Everything was fine until some other dogs showed up and took up residence too.  Then the complaints started, and the shelter was called to pick up all of the dogs.  The neighbors must have interacted with him a lot because he is not the least bit skittish or unfriendly.  He comes right up to everyone to get petted.  He's a really good boy."