Liquorice is faring really well! She definitely has more congestion and nasal drip but the NSAIDS are making her so much more comfortable and my one main concern is the ‘coughing’ / ‘choking’ sounds that she is doing more regularly. We will continue to monitor that. She is now being treated for an eye infection and so with exam, antibiotics and the BNP for the eye; it has added almost another $200 to her bill. I received a bank draft today from the other Rescue for $150.00 and it will be used towards her bills. I sent them a note as it does not indicate CDA or US funds and I need to let the Hospital Manager know to credit our Rescue account appropriately. Her vet bills to date have been just under $1,100.00. I have some really cute ‘Santa’ Hat pictures with her and I will post them as soon as I can. I cannot believe that she has been with me already 2 months as she has settled in SO well and is such an amazing girl!