My ‘work’ supervisor and companion as I work on my computer on two applications tonight.
Miss Lilly (Deaf and Visually Impaired GD) is holding her own… 
We still do not know what her diagnosis is, yet we are taking it day by day. The specialists as do I suspect cancer, yet nothing concrete.
She is eating better, becoming more playful, and back to ‘chomping’ at the water as it comes from the tap. 
While she is not running with abandonment in the yard with her friends, she is way more energetic and back to being a bit bossy in asking for affection. 
We have had $100 generously donated to date for her outstanding vet bills, and I remain deeply humbled to have received such generousity. I am slowly working on paying off the rest with each paycheck.

**UPDATE: $100 generously donated to date**
**$404 raised through Carol’s pop-up auctions**
Total Raised To Date: $504