Liquorice had a full exam including cardiac yesterday and her Temp was a little low, pulse was 108 and her resp 24, so a bit on the high side. We also did a HW test plus drew blood for her pre surgery work up. She was absolutely paralyzed with fear when I tried to get her to walk on their tile floor. I put her in one of the runs until things were settled and then brought her out. She was amazing! She lied on her pile of blankets and when she became a bit more comfortable would venture to say hi to a few people. She felt most comfortable if she was close by me though. The Vet believes that she is actually younger than 5 years, putting her around 4 and definitely not older than 5. All the litters of puppies that she was forced to have really aged her making her look older than she actually is, the poor thing. We have decided that we will do X-Rays on her heart/lungs on Thursday and we will microchip plus do her nails at that time. I give her BIG BONUS points for being brave and willing to try things and so as to not overwhelm her; I will bring her back on Thursday to do some more testing at that time. If the X-Rays come back normal; we will schedule her spay for the following week. Liquorice travels great in a car and I think the part she liked best was going through the drive thru at McDonald’s and getting a hamburger plus some fries as a special treat! She weighed 55.8 KGs(122.76 pounds) and needs to lose a bit of weight and condition her body tone/muscles more. SHE was so obedient and just ROCKED on a leash! I took some more pictures of her on one of the blue beanbag chairs and will post them soon. With all the more involved testing that we will be required to do for Liquorice, her Vet Bills alone will run into the thousands. With the XMAS season quickly approaching, I know that she would deeply appreciate a Virtual Foster Family.