This is a just-turned-1-year-old male neutered Bouvier. 
BORN: April 24th, 2022. Vaccinated (not due for DHPP & Rabies until August 17th, 2023) – we would do additional vaccines plus bloodwork as part of our protocols.Natural ears, natural tail.

The owner surrendered to the pound as he was too much of a giant puppy that the owners did not train. He jumped up on one of the owners, and they fell down – no injuries – and they feel he is too much for them.

He is affectionate, housebroken, excitable, curious, playful, friendly, and good with dogs, & children; lived with a min poodle, another Bouv, and a cat.

He was very gentle at the vets. And is now anxious at the shelter.

He needs to learn basic manners & to have more exercise to stimulate his brain and body.

The only exercise was daily walks when the owners were able to.
No bite history, just a big goof!
No known medical issues either.