Oh, Mr. BHRR's Benjamin proved this AM (around 5:30 AM in fact) that he truly thinks that all should be his friend….sigh…LOL

Somehow a porcupine got into our 2+ acre fenced in yard and instead of being most respectful LIKE all the other dogs and heed the call to come back, oh no…..BHRR's Benjamin(just like BHRR's Boba and BHRR's Parker would have done) decided that he just has to go and greet who he perceived for sure is going to be a great new best bud. From there, our amost 7 year old very maternal Cherokee, 'saved' him and took the 'hit' herself. AND through it all, I could almost feel BHRR's Benjamin's sadness that 'he' missed out and was not the one to get to actually greet the newcomer to the BHRR property!!!

Sean and I were able to take about 30+ quills ourselves and I took her in to sedate to remove the final few – about 10 – that just were not possible or safe to remove without sedation. She still had two in her mouth and some deeply imbedded in her nose and muzzle and lower lip. She then was able to hang out all day up at reception at KAH, pouting and sleeping it off.

BHRR's Benjamin has NO clue that this could have been 'him' and that our Cherokee literally saved him a very painful experience. It was almost like a light switch going from 'must make a new friend to play with' to 'hey, time for breakfast…must get back to the house!' What a goob!!!!

Never a dull moment with BHRR's Benjamin and we continue to work on that obedience recall of his! I do not think he has the 'emergency recall' or 'emergency stop' down so pat right now! cheeky HOWEVER; MAN! talk about being proud of all the other dogs and yes, even Cherokee for she is gently protective of her pack and stepped in to assist. As one of the three acting 'leader females' here at this time, she took her role very seriously.

So, not exactly a day that was planned for but all worked out well in the end. Now, to hope to NOT see that porcupine again….. 😉