Mr. Jack’s seizure update:

He had his first seizure on December 14th. He had his last seizure on December 18th. He had his last Nexgard Spectra on December 5th, and on December 6th, he was at EVC for a UTI. He was then placed on Clavaseptin. Both medications lower the seizure threshold. He had been on Nexgard Spectra without any issues since his arrival. With the combination of medications, I reached out to one of our Vets as I am aware that these medications can lower the seizure threshold, he was now on two meds, plus he is a DM dog.

We had a conversation with one of our Vets at LAH, Dr. Levesque, and the recommendation was to stop the Clavaseptin and give him several weeks. As he had been not having any more signs of incontinence and had three doses left, his foster home was advised to stop giving the antibiotics.

Two Veterinarians observed the video sent of his seizure.

Seizure History:
1) Seizure December 14th ~5:25 PM
2) Seizure December 15th ~12:58 PM
3) Seizure December 16th ~11:06 AM
*Dr. Levesque advises stopping the Clavaseptin & giving him at least a week or so and monitoring. Foster home to start a journal, too, to determine if there is any pattern.
4) Seizure December 16th ~6:30 PM
5) December 18th ~3:09 PM

No seizures since. Being a DM and that his sister Miss Janet has IS, it is understandable that he would have a lower seizure threshold.