AND Miss Asante was also at the Vet today!
She is our Newfx puppy(with Pyr). Born: June 13th, 2022.
She weighed 30.6 kgs(67.32 pounds). Her last weight on October 18th was 21.9 kgs(48.18 pounds). She was extremely skinny at that appointment.
Now, she looks good and is just starting to become a bit overweight. So, we will monitor closely.
We had more eye lube dispensed, two more months of Nexgard, she received her boosters AND had her eyes looked at once again.
It is now time for her to be professionally groomed! We will have that scheduled shortly. We want all of our dogs to look plus feel their best!
I will be in conversation with the surgeon tomorrow in re: to her bilateral cherry eyes. We still have close to $5,000 to raise for the one estimate that we were given.
She may need to have a consult with the surgeon before proceeding, and that may change the estimate.
This is a surgery that has a high risk of failure. She already had one eye done by the shelter – her right – and that failed fast.
Being a giant breed puppy, a Newf too, and that the ‘newer’ approach to surgically addressing bilateral cherry eye all brings the probability of failure to a high level. We know this going in, and have had to address this more than once, with many a Giant since our inception. So, one thing that we can do/control is to do this surgery(ies) when she is a bit older.
Miss Asante shall be at our December 3rd Bake & Chili sale at Pet Valu Brockville! If you would like to donate any baked goodies or have items that we could sell at our table – please do email
Thank you to her wonderful foster home for making sure she got to her Vet appointment today and offering to be her special Secret Santa!