This AM, I brought Mr. Bruce in to see the Vet for a suspected rash in his groin area. This was an appointment that had been scheduled a few weeks ago yet the Vet became ill and had to be rescheduled.
Unfortunately, his foster Mama ended up not being able to bring him in this AM, so I managed to rearrange my schedule, and he/I had a road trip! 
This boy is something else! Super friendly, a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ with his loving and leash manners yet, he tries so hard to be a perfect gentleman! Anyone who has big interpersonal space issues will not be meant for him! He is right up in your face, plus hair, sniffling, snuffling, and smooching! 
His weight today was 56 kgs(123.21 pounds). He has put on 11.88 more pounds since October 1st! He is looking lean and strong, and with more muscle mass building, he will put on a few more pounds and look even more amazing! GREAT job to his foster family!
The ‘rash’ on his groin is not a rash. They are small bumps, a couple bordering on pustules. Yet, none infected, and he now has some Malacetic wipes to be wiped down daily. Each piece can be cut in two, so he has 50 days’ worth.
He smelled a bit yeasty – his ears – yet, they were good. Recommended to be cleaned weekly for the next few weeks.
He showed his wonderful manners by sitting for treats and then wanted to put his face in the Vet’s pockets as he knew more were in there. He Dane leaned on the Vet, causing many smiles!
He even handed over his front paws to be looked at. They were mildly pink, yet that could have just been from the cold and snow outside.
He was given a lot of love by staff AND now has the official thumbs up from the Vet and me to make his special announcement… stay tuned!
This afternoon, Miss Asante – the appointment is scheduled for 1 PM – is having her own Vet visit at LAH. She is due for boosters, and a re-weigh, and we will have those eyes looked at again, have more eye drops, if necessary dispensed, and her next flea/tick/hw meds. We just had a new bag of food put aside for pick-up too.
Today, we have already spent over $600 in Vet bills, which does not include Miss Asante’s vet visit.