Miss Chrissy, one of our Three’s Company pups, was spayed Tuesday, October 4th.
She weighed 15.8 kgs(34.76 pounds).
We did pre-op bloodwork and microchipped her, and her nails did not need to be done – very proactive on that!
The surgeon – the same one that did Mr. Jack’s neuter & I discussed in depth a premed protocol as Miss Janet is having IS & Mr. Jack was very dysphoric upon waking.
As with all of our dogs, we give trazodone the night before and the AM of to ensure they are as stress-free as possible.
I was her surgery tech, and she was stable throughout & woke up smooth, she had a wonderful stay at the Hospital too.
Her paparazzi photo shoot is booked for next week – I believe! – and shortly after that, she will be making her own special announcement.
This is her in post-op….all snuggled up in warmies & blankets.