Good Afternoon!
So, thanks to Lyn and their very caring financial donation – guess what time it is?!!
As promised, for every lifesaving monetary or item(s) donation, a puppy spam pic would be posted in gratitude!
Can be done via PayPal or email transfer to OR an item(s) donation:
1) XL Essential pee pads,
2) Esbilac powdered formula 28 oz.,
3) Gain or Downy liquid fabric softener
4) PVD Essential Care canned puppy food)
5) Pinesol – the larger the bottle the better!
Dropped off in our donation shed at the road or snail mailed to:
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station
We need many, many, many weeks’ worth of the above!
These wee Labx beans, found nursing on their mom that was laying dead under a tractor, two with punctures, are now safe with us. I know that if they could, they would also say THANK you to everyone for this lifesaving assistance. 
This is Miss Explorer Bean.
She is the puppy with a gorgeous brown coat.
She is BUSY! She also needs patience when feeding. She mulls and thinks things over when it comes to feeding. She must taste test, take a moment, repeat, and repeat before diving in.
You have to let her do things in her time, do not rush, just be calm yet have that right level of persistence, or she will become frustrated and will stop trying to feed. Never give up on this girl…just be there for her…, do not overcrowd, and she will flourish.
When she commits, she is all in! She is fearless in getting up on her terms and exploring her world. She is sweet, quiet, and has quite the stealth mode when moving! She wants to be independent and strong, and we are supporting her in the hopes that she will be. She just needs time……if you rush her, she will shut down. Do not baby her, be there for her, encourage her, and when she is ready, she jumps in and flourishes! She is super sweet.
Today, they will be bathed again as we continue to work on getting all of the ick off them before their rescue.
We will be doing our popular Name Game Fundraiser to try and raise much-needed funds for vetting – five pups to vaccinate, boosters x 2, exams, 4 spays, 1 neuter, flea/tick/hw meds, bloodwork, further investigating Miss Fighter Beans hind end, etc., not to mention food, formula, per pads, Pinesol, toys, treats, dog beds, laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener and so on.
Puppies are wee, their needs are enormous!