It has been a whirlwind here….
I am deeply sorry for the lack of updates today. I was up almost 26 hours straight working on saving these puppies. Sadly, we did lose the pink collar girl at 8:49 am today. I am calling her Miss Charm Bean.
Her prognosis was so poor. The emerge vet supported trying. She received sub Q fluids, and all pups are now on Clavamox for aspiration issues.
This wee bean received so much love from Cassy & then myself.
I snuggled her close, told her how much she was loved that I was very sorry that we could not save her – wish we got her sooner – and told her it was ok to go to sleep and see her mama….
It hurts my heart that my horrible cross to bear is seeing these precious creatures die; we tried so hard. Backyard breeders just move on….while our hearts bleed.
Too young….
We had been told they were a week old, yet they will be 12 days old tonight. Born July 23rd.
So much to update on, yet feeding – which they had no suckle reflex, has been a real challenge and as of 10:30 am I finally got them to nurse off a nursing bowl. We have had several good feeds since then. My day has been a total blur.
There is a girl as small as Miss Pretty Pink that is struggling, plus the one boy too. We were told last night by the person that had them that there were at least two ‘almost dead’.
The litter was 5 girls and 1 boy.
Thank you again to Katherine for the donations of pee pads plus formula, and thank you to Cassy for picking up formula plus bottle kits and pee pads. Thank you and to John for picking up the de-wormer plus Penaten – the pups were so hungry before we got them that they were sucking on each other – stomach, vulva & the boy’s penis. The two biggest girls, .56 kg & .64 kg vulva’s are the worse.
Two puppies have granulating punctures. That had to be so painful.
They were never brought to the vet, and we are now de-worming them. The diarrhea alone has been dehydrating them.
I want to thank Kingston Emerge – Dr. Singh for seeing the babies and being so wonderful.
Also, instead of paying almost $600 for the exams, he charged for just one puppy exam, and the total bill was just under $450.
They were amazing, kind, caring, and lovely…. 
Thank you to Mickayla for seeing my email to Dr. Liston re: needing strongid – the emerge hospital did not have any – and filling it so fast.
I am exhausted….I am sad….I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such a strong BHRR network that rallied fast to ensure we had what we immediately needed for these babies. THANK you puppy angels!
Per a previous post, we reached out to a couple of groups to see if they could help with this litter. The sick ones will stay with me, and the healthy ones – three right now will go to another group shortly.
A lot can change on a dime….so please keep them in your thoughts.
We will post our additional puppy needs ASAP.
It is time to feed again, do another load of puppy laundry, and maybe I can snag a bit to eat.