Bittersweet day for me!
Today is our last day with Mr. Lewis.
He is now ready to move to his perma-foster home! 
After months of emotional/physical rehabilitation and close to $8,000 in medical bills including two surgeries, he is finally ready to leave Mama Gwennie’s nest.
We made the decision to have him perma-fostered due to his heart.
He has an incredible team of vets plus specialists that are standing strong by his side, BHRR will continue to cover his bills, and his amazing experienced perma-foster home will continue to shower him with love, kindness, etc.
He will lack for nothing, and as many are aware our haven program is the biggest part of what we do at BHRR.
Mr. Lewis, I am going to miss you immensely….you greatly humbled me by choosing me as your person….that you feel I was worthy of such an enormous honour is deeply touching.
This is not goodbye….I will get to see/visit you quite often, and my heart is incredibly full knowing that we were chosen to be the ones to assist you in your urgent time of need.
Thank you to both of your two emerge temp fosters – JoAnne & Ashley for taking excellent care of you until we could get you here. 
We are going to have an amazing last day together!!! Let the extra adventures and wonderful memories begin.
Here he stands proud…finally….his head held up high, no longer cowering in a corner, shaking, trying to make himself as small as possible. He makes eye contact…and man, he has such beautiful eyes. With a sweet gentle soul. His body stance is one of strength….you are not just a survivor Mr. Lewis, you are a thrivor!
You are safe, and you know it…..
He is now confident, more sure of himself, and looking mighty fine having put on significant weight, and muscle mass plus having two professional grooms to date.
I love you with all that I am BHRR’s Lewis.