We are currently dealing with one of our own Great Danes(KB/JB) that we will be doing exploratory surgery on this AM if the new X-Rays do not show that the items have moved in the indication that he might pass them. I rushed him in last night when I was going to work and it appears that he has some pieces of small metal in his abdomen. Until we take them out or if he passes them; we will not know if they are something like staples or small pieces of metal fencing; both of which he had no access to at our place but one of our new neighbours had him over at their place and they have been cleaning out a lot of junk including lots of metal items so that is a possibility. So, it was a long night of iv bags, antibiotics and looking for poop/gas. We hope for no perforations. KB/JB had vomited once on Sunday; stopped eating on Monday; had a huge vomit on Tuesday and I took him in last night as though he was drinking; he was getting dehydrated and it had been long enough at my comfort level without food. No one thought that when we did the X-Rays that we would see this! We were thinking of something similar to Soul’s pneumonia yet the signs/symptoms were not all there in similarity and we were not thinking anything otherwise too serious as he was not painful to palpate, no fever or lowered body temp etc. So, at this time, Tyke’s surgery is still at go but I might be rescheduling it depending on the outcome of today. Pictures below.