Mr. Chester!
(7 month-old Newf/SaintX)

Per Dr. P., ortho specialist.

Therefore, this special boy will be making his special announcement very soon. He will ONLY be approved to a right matched personality fit home THAT ensures that they can take on his medical needs including the cost of his pain management, continued x-rays, bloodwork, exams, exercise needs, keeping him lean, etc.

We have seriously thought about putting him into a perma-foster situation yet, we will try first to see if there is that right matched fit – not just for personality, yet for ALL of his needs is out there.
We are patient, he resides in an excellent foster home, and we will update as we can.

“Considering the lameness of the left hind leg and assuming the stifle is normal and you can localize pain to the hip, hip dysplasia is likely the cause of lameness. The stifle rads look normal. Dogs that have subluxation from hip dysplasia like on the left side can show signs of pain as exhibited in this patient, especially when they are between 6 and 18 months of age because the hip sub luxates during weight-bearing.
At some point during that time, the acetabulum will fill up with scar tissue and eventually bone while the joint capsule thickens and the joint remains in a subluxated position. The hip is often more comfortable at that point and some dogs may live a good life after that with medical management.
If pain cannot be controlled long term, then there is the option of hip replacement which is not ideal for a dog this size. However, there is around 10-20 percent of patients have severe complications.
Since many dogs can be managed well with medical management once their skeleton is more mature, we should give him time, leash walking, and avoid strenuous activity along with overplaying with other dogs, with pain management as needed. Also, keep him on the lean side.”