On March 2nd, we lost this BIG personality-filled handsome boy.
BHRR’s Rocket
So far he had come.
He came from a world of emaciation, from being allowed to jump through an open window(deaf/visually impaired at that) to come and go off a busy dark road, fed when people remembered to feed him, unsocialised, lacking manners, often left alone – to being deeply cherished, putting on almost 40 pounds of solid muscle mass/weight, allowed to shine with his personality, learned re: helping hands, not hurting neglecting ones, developing gentlemanlike manners, the joy of so many wonderful things with sights, smells, experiences, car rides, play dates, and many kinds of tasty treats!
He always wanted to be in the middle of the action, a mischievous boy that was never hesitant to jump into the fun, create havoc from stealing paper towels, to stealing the clean laundry as Gwen tried to fold everything, to standing just looking at us with his gorgeous intense eyes as his brain spun thinking of the next exciting adventure or trouble he was planning. 
He was such a goof! Always a ham, and when the camera came out – boy, did he go into overdrive with the facial expressions plus tongue!
Sadly, since October 16th, we have battled IS with precious Mr. Rocket. 

We kept holding off on him making his special announcement as we worked diligently with his team of Vets/Specialists to first control his seizure activity.
From exams, to phenobarbital to adding Keppra to no avail. His seizures became more and more frequent until he began to experience prolonged cluster seizures.
Double Merle Danes are so prone to many medical conditions and IS is a big one for them.
He was at that right age for all of this to come to the forefront.
This loving, full-of-life, happy boy was cradled in Gwen’s arms while she and Dr. Liston humanely crossed him over the night of March 2nd.
The heaviness of our hearts, the tears that have been shed as another Dane that we wanted so much to be able to have his forever loving after in an adoptive home was not to be.
Mr. Rocket, as with all of the dogs that we are blessed to assist, you have made us better, stronger, given us so much joy, kept us on our toes, given us so much laughter, head shaking, and happiness……
We miss you fiercely, and as Gwennie is known to say, we will meet in our dreams until we can visit in person once more…..
RIP for earth has lost a massive angel……