October 19th, 2003 – January 29th, 2007 Frost ‘T” passed away in his sleep this AM. It was as if he held on waiting until I knew/understood what he was trying to tell me(as per the above) in that he was really ready to go and then he left. We had our normal AM schedule; up around 6:00 AM, out and he came back to bed lying in his favourite spot (and even on his side) touching me for a snooze before I had to get the kids up. I felt a deep sigh and when I got up to get the kids up; he had passed on. He was not having any breathing problems, not acting out of the ordinary or anything whatsoever. Frost ‘T’ has begun a new journey and I am feeling very alone and lost right now. Sean came home from work and we have laid him to rest in one of our special spots so that he can continue to overlook his home and his family. Frost ‘T’ in death was as he was in life to me; right by my side taking care of me.