BHRR’s Brutus was back at the vet yesterday.
He now weighs 125.85 pounds.
He is no longer emaciated.
AND now we monitor his weight closely as we do not want him to gain more. We may do further bloodwork to test his thyroid if necessary as since December despite a strict food/treat/exercise regime his weight went up more than we expected.
Unfortunately, he is still battling skin issues around his neck area plus eye and ear issues.
The rest of his body has healed beautifully yet his neck has not.
It begins to heal and then flares up again.
He has been on special shampoo – ProHex, Apoquel, Cytopoint, special food, constant antibiotics for skin, eyes, and ears.
We have done tape tests, skin scrapings, cytologies and we repeated everything again yesterday plus discussed submitting samples for culture & sensitivity.
We did another tear test on his right eye and the low normal is 18 and he is 13.
Until we can get his healthy stabilised, he cannot be placed up for adoption.
He had rampant issues coming into rescue and his rehabilitation journey is a slow one.
Any donations to his mounting vet bills can be sent via PayPal or via email transfer to