Happy Boxing Day!
BHRR’s Brutus! (~8.5 year old American Bulldog).
He was back at the Vet on December 24th as we are still battling all of his skin, eye, ear issues.
Poor boy.
He came to us in such terrible shape, and we have made incredible progress yet he is still a long way from being ready to be considered healthy.
Great news his weight is now 55.9 kgs(122.98 pounds). He has put on just over 10 kgs (22 pounds) since he arrived.
He is a powerhouse of a happy friendly boy! 
He loves people, cats, dogs and it saddens me to think how many are scared of him.
He does not hear or see well and he is so social plus affectionate.
He was placed on yet more Apoquel(1.5 tablets daily), more antibiotics for his skin plus ears/eyes, and a new shampoo. He remains on his fish-based diet and gets only specific treats.
We have learned that he has a contact allergy so are very careful about collar wearing – no metal ‘o’ or ‘d’ rings etc., what his blankets and dog coat are washed in etc. We do not have carpets in our home so that is excellent and all dirty pawprint rugs are washed regularly.
BHRR does not place up for adoption unhealthy dogs. We are patient!
Thank you to all of the Christmas Eve/Day Santa helper angels who donated funds to help us pay off – ~$750 – what we owe by end of the year. 
We still owe almost $250….yet we are so close now thanks to your caring hearts!!!
PS: yes, Mr. Brutus is wearing a feminine collar – borrowed from one of the other BHRR dogs – as we do not have one for him. He still looks so Uber handsome!