Though, it may seem like our XMAS tree is ‘giftless’ again in 2021, in reality, the best gift is sitting in the other picture! – BHRR’s Chester! 
The giving of gifts to each other is so not important compared to saving a life in urgent need!
This is a picture that I took when he arrived for his busy day at the Hospital on Tuesday, December 21st. He weighed 35.9 kgs(78.98 pounds). 
Thanks to SO many joining us in surrounding wee 16 week old Mr. Chester with such a strong BHRR village, we have been able to pay for his vetting on Tuesday.
What all of us have done by coming together is to give this handsome WOW young man a Christmas Miracle! 
Another post to come with testing results, an update, etc….right now, it is traditional fam time at the Boers home after another very long day at work. 
I am filled with tears of gratitude, my heart is bursting with so much warmth thanks to our beautiful rescue angel network that has been showing him the best in caring kind wonderful helping hearts plus hands……..
In the New Year, we will begin our snuggle cuddle fundraiser to continue to raise monies for his vetting needs…..this boy is simply a piece of heaven!
From the Boerskins home to all of our friends, family and supporters, may your Christmas EVE/Day be safe and filled with immense happiness plus health.