**UPDATE: $715 Raised To Date* 

We were contacted last night about this urgent medical 16 week old Saint Bernard/Newf Puppy.

He needs a Christmas miracle.

Euthanasia was one of the recommendations on the table by the Vet, and we felt he deserves the opportunity to determine what his diagnosis and prognosis may be. The wonderful Shelter felt the same as they reached out for possible rescue assistance per the additional recommendation made by the Vet to consider rescue as another possible option as long as the rescue remains dedicated to doing what is in his best interest.

He was an owner surrender to a shelter as the owners could no longer afford his vet bills.

From the shelter vet:

“I am suspicious he has ectopic ureters causing urinary issues but wouldn’t be able to confirm without extensive testing at a referral facility. Even with that diagnosis if he does have this congenital abnormality that may or may not be able to be corrected by surgery (depending on defect) and even then surgery may still not be successful (no guarantee).

Options would be to try and find a rescue. I would consider euthanasia a reasonable option as well. ”

His name is Chester, and we need to raise ~$1,800 – $2,100 for a CT scan.

Only 16 weeks old and he desperately needs a village to surround him…..

We are already financially strapped yet that face, so young….he deserves a chance…..and hoping others may feel the same….

This condition(if that is what he has) is common in certain breeds – Newfs being one. Ectopic Ureters are more common in female dogs over males. Success in males can be 25-50%, ‘if’ this is what he has. No one knows without further diagnostics being done.

He has been a big fav of staff & volunteers at the shelter and everyone would like to know for sure before seeing a puppy euthanised if it is truly in the pup’s best interest.

What if he can be successfully rehabilitated? We have dealt with ectopic ureters before. 100% success rate yet we go into this with our eyes completely open and aware.

The Boerskins are foregoing again this year in the giving of gifts to each other so funds can be redirected to this puppy.

If anyone has even $5 to spare, we remain humbled by your show of support.

This is an extremely urgent situation and looking at an eta for his arrival on Sunday.

Any donation consideration can be sent to PayPal gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

Wee Chester needs a Christmas miracle…. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.