On Monday, December 6th, Miss Rosie had her mature spay plus cherry eye repair.
She was scanned and a microchip was found so, we are now in the process of getting that changed over to our name.
We had the surgeon look over her skin as it is extremely flaky plus dry. He felt that this is most likely the residual of her thyroid issues, and now that she is on proper medication, her skin shall continue to improve. We continue to also wash her with a medicated shampoo.
She has areas on her body – especially on her hind end plus tail that may never see hair growth.
A urinalysis was done as her urine was very dark plus strong-smelling when her bladder was expressed prior to surgery – Nothing abnormal to report.
Vaccines are behind held off as she went through enough on her surgery day.

She had an antibiotic injection given – Depocillin – and Gwennie gave her a good nail trim.

The surgeon also looked closely at her teeth. He did not feel that any of them needed to be extracted. He probed several and was confident that all of her teeth – some wear plus tear – were in quality shape. Therefore, at this time – the future could be different – a dental was not necessary.
Her weight is now 37.9 kgs(83.38 pounds). This is down from the very obese weight of 41.3 kg(90.86 pounds) that she arrived into our Rescue at. She still has a ways to go yet, we are on the right track!
Gwennie also drew blood to run a T4 to see how her thyroid levels are doing since she began the thyro-tabs.