Around 4:00 AM on the 3rd of January, Frost ‘T’ had another really bad day. That made 2 bad days in the past 7. It was a very worrisome day Since that bad day on the 3rd; Frost ‘T’ has had really good days up to and including today so far. When I saw the Vet on Thursday night as Guinness has annual visit; he talked to me about what the UOG had indicated in regards to using this sodium treatment as another possible way to help Frost ‘T’. I declined it at the time due to how bad things were the day before(and felt plus and the Vet agreed that it might not be of any real benefit) but now; when I see the Vet on Wednesday (I work then and time for Maggi’s annual); I might re-visit it. Last night was the first time Frost “T” was back up eating his normal 5 smaller meals and he ate roast chicken, cheese and beef stew. He is thin as a rail the poor boy. My Vet calls Frost ‘T’ his most favourite patient and I know he is just as concerned and cares about his wellbeing as I do. I can no longer get him to eat any kibble. He just refuses to eat it; and a note to those that feel that if a dog is hungry enough; they will eat; has never met my Frost ‘T’. He will literally starve before eating something he does not want and has always been that way. IT was not something that we conditioned him to be ‘a picky eater’. So I might go RAW with him just to try and get him to eat more. He has not perked up in his play behavour and is still quite weak but his eyes are clearer and more focused and bright. My Vet told me that the valves and cords in his heart are just not functioning right on top of his 3 Heart conditions and I do not kid myself that I am going to get years with him and am still frustrated about him receiving the wrong meds; which has accelerated everything. As things stood on Wednesday; the perfusion and body core temperature etc. in his body just cannot keep itself regulated. He most often likes to sleep on one of the beanbag chairs as he can hang his head over more comfortably than the side of the bed for the nasal discharge. The problem is that he wants to be near me and the beanbag chairs are on the floor so we are still trying to work out sleeping arrangements to the benefit of everyone! I might put a mattress on the floor to sleep with him, we will have to see what we are going to do. Many people have been sending us notes and emails and calls of support and asking if there is anything they can do; beyond the obvious of making him better and I thank all of you from my heart for this. What we could use are the continued prayers and well wishes and if anyone knows of a place that is selling beanbag chairs at this time; please let me know. Sears has them on back order for almost up to 2 months for my area and I need more as this is the ONLY place that he is able to get any true rest on. We have three right now and one that we need to repair(Liquorice accidentally got a nail caught; first time we have ever had that happen and now we have a tear in one). With Boba, Liquorice, Frost ‘T’ and Kona plus the wee squishie boyz loving the chairs; I do not have enough to ensure that Frost ‘T’ has several throughout the house and for that matter for Liquorice or Boba or the other dogs that prefer/love the beanbag chairs. I would deeply appreciate it if anyone finds any or comes across any to let me know so I can go and buy them! 🙂