Frost ‘T’ is still here with us. He was also put back on an appetite stimulator and even while I was away in Kitchener last week; he was eating almost 2 meals a day. He slept mostly for Sean while I was gone and when I returned on Friday; he had a really bad night and day and it made me think of the things that I said to two friends of mine in Kitchener that he is now no longer having good days with a ‘bad’ day thrown in; he is now having bad days with a ‘good’ day thrown in. I don’t want him to merely ‘exist’ and so had resolved that I must do what is ‘right’ for him. Then Frost ‘T’ has now had good days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and has been eating all the roast chicken, beef stew, cheese and homemade pizza that I have been given him. While he is still not eating his 5 meals a day like he needs; he is now eating and has not needed lasix since I have come home on Friday. Sean is right though that he is ‘thin as a rail’ and he is still wearing Guinness’ coat to keep warm. I have to find what happened to his own custom made coat as it seems to just have gone MIA. 🙁 If I have not already posted it above somewhere; Frost ‘T’s latest electrolytes have also still been normal. I am still waiting to hear back from my Vet about him touching base with the UOG but do understand that last week was holidays for many. And as one of my friends asked me the ‘tough’ question about would I prefer that he just pass in his sleep; I answered ‘yes, I would love to take the coward’s way out and have him die in his sleep or to drop dead running outside so that I would not have to bring him in to put a needle into him’. I was very honest about it and would still like to see that being the way for him to save him and yes, me stress and anxiety yet I also owe it to Frost ‘T’ to be strong and not let things linger if that is the case. I also mentioned that it would be so much easier for me to bring him in, hand him over and let someone else do the ‘deed’ yet I would never dream of doing that either. I adore this dog and I will be there right by his side, holding and loving him with my tears if a needle is the way we need to go. I could never abandon him and as he has given me so much and been there for me, I OWE it to him to be there for him. Frost ‘T’ does have poor perfusion with his blue lips and purple ears and his circulation is quite poor that he is often numb and limping in his limbs from lying down and has to ‘walk’ it off to get the blood/air moving in those areas. THE thing that I am so thrilled about is that Frost ‘T’ has seen snow again. HE was SOOOO excited and when I came back from Kitchener, he actually raced to see me and made his very special ‘roo roos’ That was music to my ears. I plan on bringing him in soon to get a re-weigh on him.