My Vet called me today and we had very hard talk about Frost ‘T’. The Vet also et me know that Frost ‘T’s Electrolyte levels have came back normal. He has suggested upping one of his meds as a possible ‘last’ resort any way (even though he is pretty much maxed out) as Frost “T” is clearly not doing well (so what is there to really lose) and will be contacting the UOG tomorrow (University of Guelph) to see if they have any other things we could possibly try at this point. The Vet believes that while he is not in Congestive Heart failure at this time; his heart is beginning to give out on him. Frost ‘T’ is eating some wet canned food only and it is not enough to even keep a bird alive. He cannot eat as he cannot eat as he cannot breathe. I told the Vet that unless he does a miraculous 360 turn in the next two days; when Sean comes home on Thursday; I shall let Frost ‘T’ go. I adore this dog too much to let him just merely ‘exist’. And what I have been doing is creating more amazing memories plus taking Frost ‘T’ on some possible ‘last time’ adventures. We have been driving places and though it is chilly, I have opened up the sunroof and blasted the heat as he loves to stick his head out and let him just ‘do his thing’. Frost ‘T’ used to love the drive-through at McDonald’s and while he won’t eat the fries or nuggets anymore; he loves having his head out the window for the employees there to reach out and pet him. The same goes for the local Timmie’s. We have been taking small strolls here and there(I wish we had snow, Frost “T” has always loved the snow); visiting friends and spending a lot of time just being together with me touching plus holding him. His tail wags let me know that he is very appreciative of our outings and I think it distracts him a bit from feeling ‘icky’. I try to not to ‘mourn’ him as if he is already gone yet I do spend a lot of time on the verge of tears if not actually weeping for this boy is a huge part of me and I feel like he is ‘fading’ literally before my eyes and I am helpless, frustrated, upset and even a little angry that the world is losing another precious creature who does not deserve this. Do we have hope still, I guess it is always there but unless we can get him to eat and rest and get ‘back up on his feet’; I cannot see how he can carry on much longer. I do not want to be the person who ‘failed’ him by keeping him alive when it was time to let him go and nor do I want to be known as the person who ‘failed’ him by giving up on him either. At this point in time, for those that have been following his story; hug your loved one’s close and please continue to spare Frost ‘T’ a thought of positive energy for I know he could use it right now.