I thought for sure that Frost “T” was going to die on me last night. Around 11 PM he started to froth at the mouth, his pupils became very dilated, he was not ‘aware’ of his surroundings and was very weak. I pumped even more lasix into him around 11:30 PM and he had his antibiotics and I monitored his TPR and his gums were pale and his ears purple in trying to get the air flowing in his body. He could not lie down and his nose began to ‘run’ with clear fluid. I was just on the verge of rushing him into emerg. when he finally was able to lie down on his belly and get some rest and while it was not very peaceful; he could at least get off his feet. Around 3 AM he was up for another long pee, some more lasix was given around 3:30 AM and this became the pattern throughout the rest of the night. He also had one pee accident in my bed and one on the floor near the door as he could not quite get outside in time. Around 7:30 AM today; he finally was able to stop coughing, puffing enough to actually lie on his side(his favourite resting/sleeping position) and had a really nice couple hours of deep sleep. He even ate some food for Breakfast today and also some more food for lunch and a little for dinner. By the time, he got up for good around noon; he was wagging his tail more, his pupils were back to normal and he had a little energy to trot outside as he went to go pee. He did not stop his normal level of drinking throughout this whole episode and it has now completely vanished. I will be calling his Vet tomorrow for Frost ‘T’ has never ‘frothed’ up like that with his pupils so dilated. I truly thought he was dying on me and gave him lots of hugs and told him that it was ‘ok to go to be with WinterGirl’ if that is what he needed to do. I told him to not worry about us and that we would be reunited later. Sean stayed with us until about 2:30 AM and then I sent him off to bed for some rest so that we could tag team later if need be. The lasix is just sucking the weight off him though…sigh. He is now lying on a doggie bed near me chewing a chewie and is pretty content though still a bit ‘weak’ in his walking. I will definitely be bringing him in for electrolyte, bw and digoxin level testing just to name a few things to see what answers we might find.