February 2012 – February 1st, 2021
Mr. Maverick, you will always be the one and true Iron Man!
This is not the best picture of you on XMAS day, 2020; yet; who would have thought that in a matter of weeks; your aging body suddenly gave out. 
I will never forget being reached out to assist you….I will never forget your journey to us and receiving messages from people not sure how to load you up into their vehicle…..I had been told that you had one ‘bad’ leg; yet, in fact, you had two….which did not matter to us…
We loved you even more!
The 4 surgeries you had to have on your front legs; how people would be so ignorant saying that you were suffering and should be put to sleep. Then their silence when we posted a picture of you running with sheer happiness/joy with your two new front legs!
Their continued silence when quite a few of the naysayers met you…you told them in your own words and way; how deserving plus worthy you are.
So many rescue angels that came together to be your strong village of love and kindness plus so much generosity!
Your Vet bills over the years; amounted to almost $27,000 and you have been worth each and every dime, nickel and quarter.
You have taught so many people so many amazing life lessons and we are deeply going to miss your ‘booping’ side and nibbling our rumps!
You have been around to help so many amazing BHRR dogs reach their full potential. You have been around to see many successfully adopted and to give others the best time of their lives until it was their time to cross over when it was their own time.

You are a legacy….you represent the heart of what BHRR is, why were are needed and what we do.

How another group would just walk past you as you were this skinny, broken black Dane to scoop up the ‘pretty’ coloured Dane you were surrendered with; still makes us shake our heads.

For your personality, your gorgeous colouring and those front legs of yours, endeared you to sooooooooo many!

We remain forever grateful that we were reached out to, to consider assisting you for you changed so many lives for the better. You were such a gift.

You are a BBBBB, now and forever…you were an amazing ambassador to your breed; you will be dearly missed.

We still find ourselves laying out your meals, calling your name to get a treat or to go for a stroll or car ride.

You are asked about when we go through the Timmie’s and we continue to take the plain timbit and lay it upon your final resting place at BHRR’s Rainbow bridge. These caring people know that you are now crossed over; yet, they still want you to have your fav timbit treatie.

We miss the unique sound of you talking!

I miss how you would push your head up under my arm as I am typing on the computer, telling me it is now ‘Mavie Time’.

I will miss how you would tell me off when it was food time! Goodness, we could never be late for meal time.

I miss the sunrises and sunsets that we would sit on the hill together to enjoy as a the beautiful special time between you and I.

I will miss how indignant you would look when I pulled out your winter coat and ‘tolerate’ me putting it on.

Such a ham, a hoot, a riot, a character!

That you were 9 years young and it was your time to go; makes me want to be selfish for it was not enough time…..it will never have been enough time…

I feel honoured and blessed that I was there to stroke your gorgeous frosted face plus chest. I will miss your front leg ‘telling’ me if I needed to shift my hand to a better spot.

I am honoured that even when the light of life was fading from your eyes and your spirit was leaving your body; you seemed to comforting me in your final moments….telling me that it is ok, that you are ok, that I will be ok…..

It was like your heart spoke to mine in that moment…..

It has been a true honour and privilege Mr. Mavie to have had you grace our heart plus home…..

Come spring, we will plant a special flower or bush in your final resting place.

I know the path to your resting spot will be a well worn one….

YOU, Mr. Mavie, have made not just me yet, so many others – of many species – better…..

You are one of a kind……and so incredibly missed.