Double Digit Danes/Dogs!
This is BHRR’s Rain!
She turned a miraculous 10 years young in December 2020!
She now joins the incredible double digit Dane/Dog Club!
Miss Rain is one of our BHRR Haven dogs – her brother BHRR’s Beau was adopted March 9th, 2012.
She has lived an amazing life under our care.
She is a Saint that came back ~1.5 years ago for a number of reasons from a perma-foster home situation.
Members of the BHRR BOD were very happy to welcome her back to The Boerskins.

She had repeated thyroid tests while being perma-fostered due to continued weight gain – all results were normal – and much conversation was had re: diet and exercise. Regular concern had been expressed re: her weight gain, her ever growing senior age and how unhealthy this weight gain was.

Since she has come back, she has lost all of the weight that she had put on, she has muscled/toned up and is still going strong! She has remained a big BHRR fav for so many!

These days she sleeps a lot yet, still has playful moments!

Here is to 2021 and turning 11 years young in December!